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Public Art at Escalante Park in Tempe

Oliverio Balcells 2020

Public Art at Escalante Park in Tempe

After getting to know the neighborhoods of Victory Acres “La Victoria” and Escalante throughout “Stories from the Community Book” and the tour provided by Victor Jimenez, I realized how important it is to get to know the history and the values of a community that is still around in the City of Tempe.

In the design I wanted to unite both basketball courts to reflect the Victory and Escalante neighborhoods, as a duality that gives life from the center and is represented by a Sacred Heart as the soul of the community that will flourish into the houses which were gradually built by most of the owners and from there created the community and neighborhoods.

On the top left there is a V for Victory Acres or La Victoria and on the right an E for Escalante. The view then will be from north to south; on the bottom left is a Monarch Butterfly that represents the migration of neighbors that came from Texas, Mexico, Tucson and Lebanon among others. The bottom right represents the farm workers and the farms in the area with cotton, corn and citrus.

The design is finalized with motifs around it representing the connection with the deep roots in the culture with diamonds as values that unite the community through different celebrations, events, music, sports and arts.

This design will strengthen community pride and will inspire people to get to know more the origins of the neighborhoods.


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