Huehuetl y Teponaztli

Huehuetl y Teponaztli


Huehuetl y Teponaztli
Acrylic on Canvas – 40″ x 24″
Oliverio Balcells 2005

The first sound was a gift for the inhabitants of the earth, born from the breath of the duality of Ometeotl, when it breathed into Quetzalcoatl the Ihiyotl as a gift for the people.

This is a fragment of the cosmogonic myths of the History of the Mexicans through their paintings, where Ehecatl travels to the sun’s house in search of music:

“The sun has other servants among those are some who have only three feet,there are others that have ears so large that they cover their whole body. When you arrive at the edge of the water, you will call for my servants. They call themselves Acatapachtli, shell of reeds, and it is a turtle; the other calls itself Acihuatl, which is half women and half fish, and you will also call Atlicipactli that means crocodile and it is a whale, and you will ask all of them to link together to make a bridge which you can use to come to the sun’s house. You will bring to me from your house the musicians with their instruments to make the people happy.

And as this was said, he left, without being seen again. Ehecatl arrived at the beach and began to call the servants of Tezcatlipoca. The obedient ones came and at this point they made a bridge over which crossed Ehecatl. Upon seing him Tonatiuh who rested, said to the musicians:

Look here the mesenger arrives. Noone should answer his call, because he comes for my musicians and singers. Whoever responds to him will have to go with him. The sun’s musicians were dressed in four distinct colors: white, red, yellow and water blue. Where Ehecatl had just arrived he called them and heard voices singing. Noone responded until finally Huehuetl and Teponaztli responded to the voice of the wind and they had to go with him, and they took with them the music, the one which people on earth have in their dances and with which they now rejoice.
—Arturo Meza (Writer and Scholar from Mexico City)

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Product Description

Toltecayotl Collection

This work preserves and expresses the most important historical and philosophical legacy, in essence and structure, of the civilization of the Anahuac.

With respect, honor, appreciation and love I dedicate this work as a recognition to the inheritance deposited in the DNA of every one of the Mexicans. Still it is dormant, waiting for us to summon it up in order to return to having our own face and a true heart.
—Oliverio Balcells.

A grouping of the creations of the Toltec culture

“The knowledge, practices and wisdom related to the universal search to transcend our existence in this material world, are known as Toltecayotl.”
—Guillermo Marin

“The Toltecayotl, essence of being Toltec, was sustained with the philosophy of the duality and came to represent for the posterity that which is most elevated inasmuch as the constant search of the loftiness in knowledge and in the human arts, to become a Toltec, to become what is Toltec, a concept that was born with those sedentary villages that by living at the edge of the rivers, lagoons and streams where the tula plants abound, they managed to evolve until they converted their name into a synonym of perfection, that which is described in the posterity designated to the artists that have Toltec hands, and to those wise men and philosophers that make their knowledge bloom like Toltecs”
—Arturo Meza