Pintando al mundo

Pintando al mundo


Acrylic on Canvas – 40″ x 24″
Oliverio Balcells 2005

In the beginning of time when nothing had color, the sun, Tohatiuh sent his child, Piltzintecuhtili to give the world the beauty of color. It had been indicated that he should pick up the colors in the containers of clay from the rainbow and with these paint everything around him.

In one of the dark mountain caves there lived Tepeyolohtli. One day he noticed the bright and colorful world that he now found around him.

Mad, he went to find out the cause and found Piltzintecuhtli resting, and he took the clay containers to hide them. Piltzintecuhtli went to get more colors from the rainbow and continued with his work. He repeated this many times.

Tepeyolohtli, angered, asked a favor of Huehueteotl, man of the fire, so that he would light his small stoves from within the earth and make an eruption to destroy everything. But this grandfather reflected and he understood that he would be destroying something beautiful.

Piltzintecuhtli was curious about what was happening and he pretended to sleep so that he could secretly watch his colors. Quickly he discovered that it was Tepeyolohtli and he asked him, Could it be that you don’t like beauty?

Tepeyolohtli answered that as he had lived in the darkness of the caves, he was envious of the beauty of color and for this reason he stole the clay containers of color. The son of the sun nicely counseled him to make the interior of the cave beautiful and he showed him how to use the colors. “…and the Tlaxcatleca legend recounts that this is the origin of the veins of precious minerals, copper, silver, gold, jade, turquoise, emeralds, rubies, amethysts inside the mountains, being as colorful and beautiful outside as inside the earth.”

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Product Description

Toltecayotl Collection

This work preserves and expresses the most important historical and philosophical legacy, in essence and structure, of the civilization of the Anahuac.

With respect, honor, appreciation and love I dedicate this work as a recognition to the inheritance deposited in the DNA of every one of the Mexicans. Still it is dormant, waiting for us to summon it up in order to return to having our own face and a true heart.
—Oliverio Balcells.

A grouping of the creations of the Toltec culture

“The knowledge, practices and wisdom related to the universal search to transcend our existence in this material world, are known as Toltecayotl.”
—Guillermo Marin

“The Toltecayotl, essence of being Toltec, was sustained with the philosophy of the duality and came to represent for the posterity that which is most elevated inasmuch as the constant search of the loftiness in knowledge and in the human arts, to become a Toltec, to become what is Toltec, a concept that was born with those sedentary villages that by living at the edge of the rivers, lagoons and streams where the tula plants abound, they managed to evolve until they converted their name into a synonym of perfection, that which is described in the posterity designated to the artists that have Toltec hands, and to those wise men and philosophers that make their knowledge bloom like Toltecs”
—Arturo Meza